img_0657-2Reshma McClintock is a wife, mother, and transracial adoptee from Calcutta, India. She is an avid writer and speaker. Reshma advocates for adopted people around the world and is committed to elevating their community of voices through her work as Founder of Dear Adoption,. She is also passionate about preserving and supporting families and she recently Co-Founded Family Preservation 365.

In 2015, Reshma returned to Calcutta for the first time in 35 years in order to reconnect to the culture she lost; her journey is documented in the film Calcutta is My Mother which premiered in Portland, Oregon in 2019. Reshma and her family currently live in Seattle, Washington.

“…Reshma McClintock…could do stand up comedy about being adopted, but she also had me in tears.” -Lorraine Dusky, First Mother Forum

“Her workshop was the highlight of the conference for me. I could have sat and listened to Reshma for hours because she is so hilarious and authentic and knowledgable.” -JN, Indiana Adoptee Network Conference Attendee

“Reshma is like a librarian cheerleader–smart, exuberant, wildly energetic.” –Anne Heffron, You Don’t Look Adopted

“She was born to speak. Reshma has a gift and pureness about her.” -Michael, American Adoption Congress Conference Attendee